People & Culture

Delivering Exceptional Value and Providing Extraordinary Experiences

At Copperleaf™, culture is at the very core of who we are and what we do. We believe it’s vital to create success for our customers, our stakeholders and our employees.

Our people are our most important asset and we work together to ensure that Copperleaf is a place where employees can collaborate, learn and continually push the limits of what’s possible. We work hard to listen to our clients so that we can create elegant and innovative solutions that deliver value, and we take pride in delivering on our promises.

Our flexible work environment fosters creativity, quality and balance. We cultivate an atmosphere of openness and support, where all opinions matter and ideas are encouraged. We inspire and push one another to solve complex problems and create game-changing solutions. And we always try to have fun doing it!

Be Respectful

Copperleaf team members are passionate advocates for what our clients need from C55™ – and with many different customers this can lead to competing demands. Being respectful of our colleagues’ points of view, regardless of hierarchy, creates a positive environment that allows us to focus on finding innovative solutions that will benefit everyone.


Always Improve

Copperleaf has a work environment that encourages people to learn and stretch their boundaries – both personally and professionally. We inspire others to reach their potential and don’t tolerate mediocrity. There’s always room for improvement!


Provide Extraordinary Experiences

We have built a company that’s internationally respected for its forward-thinking and technological innovation. But the foundation of our success is something much more human: empathy. Listening to our clients and empathizing with the challenges they face allows us to fully address their current and future needs while providing them with the extraordinary customer experience they deserve.


Embrace Fun

People here at Copperleaf are not just hard workers and great mentors, but we all strive to have fun together like a family. Embracing fun brings people closer and provides an enjoyable workplace that is always full of energy. It keeps us cohesive and ready to tackle the next big challenge!


Be Open

We can’t innovate without being open. At Copperleaf, being open means being flexible and willing to explore even the craziest ideas. The more open we are, the more we can collaborate and build the most creative and exceptional solutions.


Deliver Exceptional Value

We have a fantastic team that strives to deliver exceptional value to our customers by providing them with nothing but the most elegant and innovative solutions and services. Our constant drive to succeed makes it possible to set the bar high and to lead the market with a world class solution.


Be Agile

At Copperleaf we’re always working hard to be agile. Being flexible and quickly adapting to new customer needs is what keeps us innovating and creating solutions with the most impact. Every team member is empowered to see the big picture and take initiative to solve problems.


Copperleaf Community

The Copperleaf Community is a network of C55™ users, Copperleaf team members, and partners from around the globe who come together to discuss decision analytics, Asset Investment Planning and Management (AIPM), and the future direction of Copperleaf’s solutions. The annual Summit provides an open forum to exchange best practice information and share ideas about how to leverage C55 to make value-based, risk-informed investment decisions.

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Copperleaf RAD

Delivering Random Acts of Delight in our local communities

At Copperleaf, giving back to our local communities is an inherent part our culture. The Copperleaf RAD initiative allows our people to get involved and support causes close to our hearts.

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