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Written by: Linda Lupini

Grow with Copperleaf: A Journey from Co-op to Full-time Employee Featuring Nicole Paul

At Copperleaf®, we believe in investing in our people and providing growth opportunities for every level in their careers.  As part of our Grow with Copperleaf program, we support our co-op students by providing meaningful experiential learning, guidance and mentorship, and in some cases, the opportunity to join our company as an employee after graduation. In this interview, we speak with Nicole Paul about her journey from co-op to full-time employee on the Employee Experience (EX) team.

Can you share what you do at Copperleaf and how your co-op experience has helped you get to your current position?

“I’m currently an Employee Experience Coordinator, supporting my team’s Human Resources (HR) operations—this includes things like managing employee reviews, maintaining our human resources information system (HRIS), and processing internal moves within the company. My experience as an HR co-op helped me prepare for this role by exposing me to the broader scope of what happens within Copperleaf’s HR operations. Progressing into my full-time role, my team had already set me up for success by familiarizing me with its day-to-day responsibilities, so my transition felt seamless and I had the confidence to take on more challenging projects.”

What’s your favourite memory of your co-op experience?

“My favourite memory is the final EX social event I attended as a co-op. A bunch of my team members showed up to surprise me and celebrate the end of my term. It was wonderful to hear everyone share our favourite moments together and made me feel really appreciated knowing that my work as a co-op mattered.”

What new skills have you developed at Copperleaf?

“In addition to learning more about the HR field, I’ve developed my business writing, communication, meeting facilitation, and project management skills. I’ve also learned how to engage and collaborate with many different stakeholders across the organization.”

What was it about your co-op experience that made you want to come back to Copperleaf full-time? 

“My team members were the main reason I decided to return as a full-time employee. As a co-op, I always felt like I was supported and that my professional growth was a priority for my team.”

Would you recommend Copperleaf to other students or recent graduates looking to gain professional experience?

“Definitely! Copperleaf has a great co-op program and we put in the effort to make students feel welcome and appreciated. Our team leads are supportive and co-ops are valued and given work that makes a real contribution to the company. It’s also a great place to work for recent graduates—we’ve recently revamped our professional development program and are focused on nurturing young talent.”

My team members were the main reason I decided to return as a full-time employee. As a co-op, I always felt like I was supported and that my professional growth was a priority for my team.

How has Copperleaf supported your growth as a young professional?

“Copperleaf has made LinkedIn Learning available to all employees and I’ve taken advantage of this benefit to complete a few courses online. My team has given me many opportunities to work on diverse projects outside of my day-to-day tasks, allowing me to learn about different aspects of HR. I appreciate that my team lead is supportive of my learning goals and helps me find new projects to work on.”

How would you describe the culture here?

“The culture is open and fun! People are always available to answer questions and no one makes you feel bad for asking. Everyone I’ve come across has been very welcoming and friendly. We also host social events and encourage fun interactions whenever possible.”

What are you most excited about for the future?

“I’m excited to continue learning and absorbing as much as I can. Right now, I’m focused on receiving mentorship from colleagues and thinking about new ways I can support others in my role.”

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