Decision Analytics Solutions

Decision Analytics for Critical Infrastructure

Assets are aging and budgets are tight, yet expectations are higher than ever. Copperleaf® Decision Analytics Solutions empower businesses to make strategic investment decisions with confidence.

  • Direct your available funding and resources to the things that deliver the most value to your business
  • Understand the risk profile associated with your asset portfolio and how this will change over time
  • Demonstrate the business consequences of reducing – or increasing – your capital investment or maintenance budgets over the next five years
  • Justify your planned asset expenditures to external stakeholders
  • Identify which projects to defer when there are funding or cash flow constraints

Copperleaf Product Suite

Copperleaf helps many of the world’s leading organizations decide where and when to invest in their businesses to manage risk, deliver against performance expectations, achieve their strategic objectives, and maximize value for their organizations.

Tangible, Measurable Results

Every Copperleaf client has recovered their investment within their first planning cycle—and every organization that has implemented our solution continues to use it successfully today. They report:

Asset Investment Planning & Management

A best practice in asset management that embodies the key principles of ISO 55000 and empowers businesses to make the highest-value investment decisions.

Key Principles of ISO 55000

The ISO 55000 international standard describes best practices in asset management to help organizations realize the maximum value from their assets. Copperleaf’s AIPM approach is highly aligned with this standard and provides a collaborative and controlled environment for value-based decision making. Learn more about how AIPM supports ISO 55000.

Business Benefit

Realize the highest value for every dollar spent on your assets.

Optimize Portfolios of Investments

Develop an investment plan that delivers the most value, fits in your budget, can be carried out with your available resources, meets your service level commitments, and helps your organization attain its strategic objectives.

Business Benefit

Deliver the highest value within real-world constraints.

Manage Performance

Manage investments from concept to execution. Stay on top of your changing business environment, understand variances between actual performance and your plan, and continuously adapt to drive the highest level of performance.

Business Benefit

Adopt a continuous planning approach to maintain the highest performance.

Predict Long-Term Asset Needs

Use analytics to forecast asset sustainment needs based on risk and economics. Create a long-term investment strategy that maximizes business value while proactively managing risk.

Business Benefit

Develop asset plans to proactively manage risk.

Copperleaf AIPM Methodology

Copperleaf is at the forefront of asset management best practices, actively participating as a member of The Institute of Asset Management (IAM), the ISO 55000 standards committee, and other international standards bodies. These best practices are embodied in the Copperleaf AIPM methodology and in our Decision Analytics Product Suite which has been adopted by some of the largest, most respected organizations in the world.

For more information about our methodology

AIPM brochure white papers

Business Benefits

Make decisions that generate the highest return to your business
and spend no more than necessary to drive optimal results.

Higher-Value Decisions

Create an investment strategy that delivers the greatest value to your organization. Make investment decisions that maximize value, while proactively managing risk and continuously improving performance.

Efficiency Improvements

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your planning processes and reduce the time and effort needed for justifications and approvals.

Integrated Strategic & Budgetary Plans

Proactively manage risk in your aging infrastructure by understanding the long-term needs of your asset base. Create practical long-term investment plans that are continuously updated as new priorities emerge in the short-term.

Superior Business Performance

Improve business performance by rapidly responding to changing business environment. Track progress to plan, adapt quickly, and update assumptions to continuously improve.

Rapid Scenario Planning

The Copperleaf Rapid Scenario Planning Solution provides agility and transparency to help organizations keep pace with rapidly changing business realities.


Consulting Services

Copperleaf has been helping clients successfully implement industry-leading investment planning methods for more than two decades. We’re focused on helping businesses like yours optimize their investment strategies to maximize value and achieve their strategic goals.