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Working at Copperleaf means you can:

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Spend your time on projects and causes—the ones you’re passionate about.

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Talk directly with anyone in the company—including our CEO.

Try out different jobs with different teams—we like to recruit and promote from within.

Grow professionally and personally—supported by our strong leaders and teams.

Thrive in an inclusive environment—where you can feel like you belong.

Make a difference—while collaborating with kind, helpful, and brilliant people.

Life at Copperleaf

If this is the life you want at work—where your work aligns with what you want out of life—then we would make a great team.

We believe in building a better world, one decision at a time. And your choice to join Copperleaf could be the next decision that helps make the world better.


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Autonomy and Connection

Our open and honest communication style means you can feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and ideas.

Here, you have the freedom to flex your curiosity and creativity—two ingredients we believe are essential for innovation and joy.

Whether you work remotely or in our office, our technology and culture keep everyone connected.

Learning and Growth

Developing our people is how we set them up for growth and success, whether you want to attend a conference, take a course, use our LinkedIn Learning subscription, or learn from your fellow teammates and leaders.

Our leadership training and mentorship programs help everyone learn from, with, and about each other.

We all grow and thrive when we support each other, and innovate and improve together.

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Purpose and Impact

Copperleafers and our software suite help our clients make the best and most sustainable investment decisions in their infrastructure for today and an increasingly complex future.

Our solutions incorporate Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations to help companies do well by doing good.

We find purpose when what we do matters⁠—to us, our clients, our communities, and our planet.

How We Support You

Our culture welcomes everyone looking to make a difference with your passions, knowledge, and experiences. Expand your skillset and accelerate your growth, in an environment that supports your physical, mental, and financial wellbeing.

Health and Wellness

Competitive benefits to help you be your best

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Flexible Work

Work when and where it fits you and your workstyle


Flexible allowance for wellness activities, equipment, and resources

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Flexible allowance to build a home office for your comfort and wellbeing

Parental Leave & Family Support

Support and flexibility so you can care for your loved ones

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Financial Wellbeing

Share in our growth and success through bonuses, stock options, and more

I joined Copperleaf because I wanted to work with the smartest, kindest, most open people I’ve ever met in any workplace. I wanted to contribute to having a positive impact on the world and see the tangible impact of my work.

Headshot Victoria Yang - Copperleaf Decision Analytics

Victoria Yang

Marketing Manager


The mentorship program has been instrumental in my development. I used to be afraid to share my opinons, but my mentor helped me create a tangible plan to increase my confidence and develop tools to succeed.

Sarah Ziegler

Product Owner, Value Framework Development


During my co-op, I learned to code and helped build an industry best practice model we use today. The project leads had so much trust and faith in my abilities, which allowed me to learn and grow in a supported environment.

Eve Ulmer Headshot - Copperleaf Decision Analytics

Eve Ulmer

Implementation Consultant


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