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Employee Feature: Q&A with Angel Boyd, Senior Consultant, Asia Pacific & Japan

Meet Angel Boyd, a Senior Consultant at Copperleaf®. In this article, she shares her professional journey, what it’s like to work at Copperleaf, and some exciting trends in the industry.

Can you tell us about yourself and your role at Copperleaf?

“I am a Client Experience (CX) Senior Consultant for Australia and New Zealand. Our team is the heart of implementing the Copperleaf solution, ensuring clients receive not only a top-tier product but also exceptional support and partnership.”

Can you tell us about your professional journey that led you to Copperleaf?

“My career began at Merck Sharp & Dohme in the Philippines, where I grew from Accountant to Inventory and Logistics Manager. In 2010, I relocated to Australia, which led to starting over career-wise. After exploring various roles, I secured a position as a Decision Support Consultant at Aurecon, and in 2021, I transitioned to the role of a CX Consultant at Copperleaf.

Although not featured on my LinkedIn profile, the work I undertook before earning my professional degree is equally important. My early endeavors included entrepreneurial activities such as buying and selling small items, delivering water around our neighborhood, working in a computer parts manufacturing facility, and performing administrative tasks for a cooperative. These experiences were instrumental in shaping the character and professional ethos that I apply to all my work: Do my best and success will come.”

Angel receiving her recognition from the Queensland Filipino Excellence Awards for her significant contributions to the STEM field. The QFEA Awards are presented by the Office of the Philippine Consulate in Queensland and give the opportunity for Filipino migrants to have their remarkable contributions to Queensland recognized.

Are there any key themes or trends you’re seeing in your industry?

“I’ve observed that data-centric hurdles consistently emerge across various industries. Clients often grapple with data gaps or inconsistencies. The lesson from my experience with projects is simple: Don’t let the desire to be perfect stop you from getting started. It’s important to just begin work, make improvements, and learn as you go instead of waiting for everything to be perfect right from the start.”

What is the most unique aspect of working at Copperleaf?

“I am attracted to companies that make a meaningful impact while fostering a culture of joy in their work. I experienced this at the first company I worked for, and after moving to Australia. I am fortunate to find this again at Copperleaf where I am part of a team dedicated to transforming how the world sees value and to building a better future. Copperleaf also has an incredible work culture that is friendly, supportive, and fun, where everyone is always eager to lend a hand and solve problems as a team.”

What do you feel is the most fulfilling part of your job?

“The best part of my job is when clients tell us they’re happy with our work. As part of the CX team, we not only fulfill clients’ technical requirements but also incorporate their input, which helps in making our solution genuinely beneficial to them.”

Copperleaf has an incredible work culture that is friendly, supportive, and fun—where everyone is always eager to lend a hand and solve problems as a team.

What are some projects you’ve been working on?             

“Since joining Copperleaf, I’ve engaged in several projects, primarily within the energy industry. These projects include traveling to client sites, an aspect I particularly enjoy as it allows personal interaction and enhanced connection with the teams we collaborate with. These site visits include destinations like Brisbane, Sydney, and Darwin. Notably, one of these projects garnered me recognition through the Queensland Filipino Excellence Award, an award given only once every five years.”

What is one of your favourite activities outside of work?

“My husband and I live in a small hobby farm in a town of around 200 people in the Cairns Region. We are starting a pomelo orchard, have chickens, and fur babies to look after, which keeps us active after work. For fun, we meet with locals at the only pub in town or get together with Filipino friends in the city for food and conversation. Our favourite activity is 30-minute trek from our home to a secret waterfall that only locals have access to.”

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