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Asset managers need to make important decisions every day. These decisions often mean selecting one project over another to meet financial, resource or timing constraints. But how exactly do you ensure you’re picking the right projects? Can you mitigate critical risks and achieve sustainability targets? How do you deliver the most value?

The Copperleaf® Optimization Game is a fun and interactive way to learn how value-based decision making can be used to optimize portfolios of projects. You will be challenged to determine the optimal set of projects in a sample portfolio while respecting multiple constraints, strategic objectives, and project dependencies. Have you got what it takes to successfully navigate competing priorities to achieve the greatest value from your investments?

The Copperleaf Optimization Game is the ideal interactive workshop to introduce participants to the concept of Asset Investment Planning based on the key principles of ISO 55000. Whether you’re just starting out or have years of experience under your belt, the Optimization Game is a great way to sharpen your skills, build team bonds, and explore new approaches.


Learn the Ropes

An interactive way to introduce asset investment planning.

Discover Value-based Decision Making

Experience the use of value frameworks for investment decision making, based on cutting-edge techniques used by world-class utilities.

Optimize Planning

Learn how investment decision making can be optimized for short-, medium- and long-term plans.

Explore New Approaches

Gain valuable insight into tools and techniques available for optimized investment decision-making.

Who is it for?

The Copperleaf Optimization Game is an engaging activity for organizations of all sizes, disciplines, and maturity levels. The game introduces participants to the concept of value-based decision making and advanced approaches to optimizing investment portfolios.

Investment planners

As investment planners, being able to identify the most valuable options can be challenging. The Copperleaf Optimization Game explores how asset investment planning allows you to quickly and easily optimize your portfolios and achieve the greatest return on investment.

New users

Introduce your team to Copperleaf in a whole new way. This interactive game offers new users a fun taster of the Copperleaf solution, illustrating how the platform works and the benefits they can expect.


Looking for a unique team building activity? The Copperleaf Optimization Game is the perfect way for teams old and new to improve communication, strengthen bonds and encourage collaboration.

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