Driving sustainability for future generations

Helping clients make sustainable decisions

We believe delivering high performance as an organization and driving sustainability go hand in hand. And it all comes down to the decisions being made every day. Some say: “What gets measured, gets done.” We believe: “What gets valued, gets realized.” We help organizations develop quantitative methods to prioritize decisions to address environmental, social and economic challenges. The Copperleaf® Value Framework allows customers to include sustainability impacts when making trade-off decisions.

Doing our part in our local communities

A fundamental part of the culture at Copperleaf is giving back to our local communities. Whether it’s participating in shoreline cleanups through Copperleaf Random Acts of Delight (RAD), or teaming up with our customer Anglian Water to support WaterAid UK, or reducing our environment footprint through our Green Team’s initiatives, we believe it’s important to support causes that are important to our customers and employees, while aligning with our company’s intrinsic values. It’s inspiring to see how small actions can have a ripple effect!

Our Commitment to Sustainability

At Copperleaf, we’re always looking for new ways to become a more sustainable business, especially as we grow as a company. After doing research, we realized that carbon offsetting is the most immediate way to make a positive environmental impact while we continue to work on other ways to further reduce our carbon footprint.

The projects we invested in will offset over 2,100 tons of carbon emissions—the equivalent of our company’s total carbon footprint for 2019.

Copperleaf has committed to remain a carbon neutral business by continually reducing our impact wherever possible and then using Gold Standard carbon offsets to mitigate the rest.”

JOSEPH GUSTAFSON Implementation Consultant & Green Team Member, Copperleaf

Environmental Protection and Sustainability at BC Government

Every year, the BC Government invests approximately $100 million in capital on IT to bring the highest quality services to residents in British Columbia. Learn how the BC Government implemented Copperleaf Suite to drive IT investment decisions that aligned with their strategic initiatives in Environmental Protection and Sustainability.

Copperleaf helps organizations make informed decisions by quantifying value in terms of how every initiative drives the attainment of strategic goals. The Copperleaf Value Framework (CVF) uses a comprehensive set of quantitative measurements to evaluate the impacts of proposed investments and portfolios on sustainability, in conjunction with traditional financial measurements.”

Judi Hess Copperleaf CEO & Member of Canada’s Clean Technology Economic Strategy Table

One of the most effective ways for us to bring about change is through our work with our clients. We help our customers build quantitative methods to prioritize decisions to address environmental, social and economic challenges.”

Robert Gooding-Townsend Implementation Consultant & Member of the Copperleaf Green Team

Asset management is often quoted as being the management activities that help us to derive ‘value’ from our asset base. As such, value needs to be carefully defined. Often people perceive it to be only financial value like profit or return on capital, but for many organizations it can be a mix of different kinds of objectives. Value could just as easily be derived in terms of increases in safety performance or reductions in environmentally damaging emissions. For many public sector organization like municipal governments, it could literally be resident happiness or ambiance in a public park.”

Rhys Davies Chairman of the ISO/TC251 Committee & Managing Director of Smart Asset Management Solutions Ltd.

The thing that stands out as innovative in the Copperleaf optimization approach is how the customer and environmental values are taken into account so that the best decisions can be made, not only on a cost basis, but also for the environment and for customers.”

MARK COULSON Strategic Investment Manager, Anglian Water

Copperleaf Green Team

Our Green Team has a mission to minimize Copperleaf’s environmental footprint by helping employees make more responsible choices through initiatives that promote awareness, participation, and behavioural change.


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