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Written by: Copperleaf

Asset Management & ESG: Aligning Investment Decisions with ESG Goals & Objectives

The pressure on organizations to display their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) actions and initiatives has been increasing for the past few decades. What was once largely a voluntary effort has now become a core expectation of any business. Whether driven by shareholder requirements, new policies such as commitments to carbon reduction, or increasingly conscious and demanding consumers, ESG adds complexity and intensifies the scrutiny around internal decision making.

The growing pressure around ESG targets and reporting presents both significant challenges and opportunities for asset managers. The challenges arise from the need to consider a wider range of criteria when making asset-related decisions. But therein also lies the opportunity: modern asset management is perfectly aligned with the requirements of ESG compliance, and the prevailing management system standard ISO 55001 shows the way. This ideally positions asset managers to guide their organization in the adoption of complex multi-criteria decision-making techniques, which in turn can increase the understanding and appreciation for asset management within their organization.

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