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How Anglian Water Unlocked Greater Value with Data-Driven Investment Insights

Anglian Water is a UK-based water company that recently redefined its purpose to bring environmental and social prosperity to the regions it serves. Despite operating in the driest region in the UK, Anglian Water manages to serve approximately 7 million customers through its 38,000km of water mains. The company is growing rapidly, expecting to serve an additional 175,000 homes in the next few years.

In this video, John Green, Strategic Value Manager from Anglian Water, discusses the challenges organisations face today, such as financial constraints, changing customer expectations, regulatory demands, population growth, cybersecurity threats, and the evolving market. More than ever, organisations must ensure every dollar spent provides the maximum benefit to stakeholders.

Watch the video to learn:

  • Anglian Water’s “Six Capitals”, each a unique perspective to evaluate value
  • How a Value Framework can help identify key factors that drive value
  • The importance of data-driven and value-based decision making in optimising and prioritising investments
  • How collaboration, clear communication, and strong buy-in are crucial to success