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Increase business agility & transparency across the enterprise

Making the right decisions across an enterprise on how to spend scarce resources to deliver the most value is an elusive goal for most organizations. How can you ensure that you are investing in the right projects at the right time to achieve your strategic objectives? Copperleaf™ Value is a unique cloud-based solution that helps to build, communicate, and govern your Copperleaf Value Framework, enabling you to assess the value of dissimilar investments on a common scale. Use Copperleaf Value to align decisions to strategic objectives, increase clarity and consensus, and adapt your framework to meet changing business needs.

Copperleaf Value will have a big impact on the way we communicate our value functions to our executive. We have a very complex value framework, so being able to compare social values to financial values and demonstrate how all those pieces are tied together along with how the math behind it works, will really help us build confidence at the executive table. Being able to quantify the diverse values with some background and consideration of risk, gives us the ability to communicate our evidence-based decisions.
Jillian Carruthers, MBA, PMP Director, IM/IT Capital Investment, B.C. Government

Build and evolve your value framework

Over time, value frameworks need to be modified to reflect new best practices, evolving business objectives, or shifting regulatory requirements. With Copperleaf Value, you can make changes to your existing framework, and build new frameworks from scratch to prototype and test new ideas. Copperleaf Value also provides you with visibility into the Copperleaf Value Model Library, a growing body of best practices from leading organizations across multiple industries. Leverage Copperleaf Value to continuously innovate and adapt as business needs change.

Copperleaf Value | Asset Management Software | Copperleaf
Copperleaf Value | Asset Management Software | Copperleaf

Increase visibility and transparency

Effectively communicate how value is assessed within your organization, gain consensus among stakeholders, and ensure decisions are aligned with your strategic objectives. Copperleaf Value enables you to visualize the relationships and elements of your value framework including value measures, strategic goals, and risk definitions. The simple, intuitive user interface makes it easy to educate diverse stakeholders and provide clarity around why certain investments are more beneficial than others.

Govern your frameworks

Copperleaf Value automatically saves every version of your value framework, enabling you to track all changes and understand the impact of every modification. With Copperleaf Value, you can communicate how your framework has evolved over time and provide oversight for every critical change. In these ways, Copperleaf Value helps to safeguard your value framework and support your corporate governance policies.

Copperleaf Value | Asset Management Software | Copperleaf

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Modular and Configurable

Copperleaf Value integrates seamlessly with Copperleaf C55™. C55 is highly modular and configurable, growing with you as your business needs evolve.

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