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Case Study: Endeavour Energy Employs Copperleaf’s Analytics To Architect A Sustainable Asset Investment Planning Framework

Endeavour Energy is a power transmission and distribution (T&D) provider, supplying electricity to over 2.5 million people. The organization began its implementation of Copperleaf’s decision analytics software suite in early 2020 to address its asset investment planning (AIP) needs. To date, Endeavour Energy has implemented Copperleaf software applications covering investment planning, portfolio optimization, asset risk modeling and predictive analytics. With Copperleaf, Endeavour Energy has been able to improve the capital efficiency of its investment portfolios, save thousands of hours in assessing the risk profile of its asset base, demonstrate continuous improvement to regulators, and, ultimately, bring stakeholders and asset managers into agreement on a single quantifiable framework for making asset investment decisions.

Copperleaf’s product is a lovely, clean way to illustrate how our organizational strategies and organizational values are used in everyday decision-making.

Endeavour Energy

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