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Gas Industry Awards 2021: Copperleaf Wins in Two Categories

Vancouver, BC, June 17, 2021—Copperleaf®, a global leader in decision analytics solutions, was named the winner in two Gas Industry Awards categories—Project of the Year and Product of the Year. Organized by the Institution of Gas Engineers & Managers (IGEM) and the Energy & Utilities Alliance, the winners were announced at a virtual awards ceremony which celebrated the outstanding achievements of individuals and organizations in the gas sector.

“We celebrate these awards with our clients and thank them for putting their trust in Copperleaf,” said Stefan Sadnicki, Managing Director of Copperleaf in Europe, Middle East and Africa. “We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to collaborate with them and implement changes that have made a real impact on their businesses.”

Project of the Year: Asset Investment Planning project undertaken by National Gas Transmission 

The Asset Investment Planning (AIP) project at National Gas Transmission (NGT) was designed to increase NGT’s AIP and Portfolio Planning and Management (PPM) capabilities.

The implementation of the Copperleaf Decision Analytics Solution, including Copperleaf Portfolio™ and Copperleaf Asset™, has enabled NGT to carry out investment optimization across its entire project portfolio. It will help the company deliver its business plan as cost-effectively as possible, contributing to a 4% efficiency on capital expenditure, saving £11 million per year. The solution has enabled a new process that will allow NGT to effectively plan and optimize all work to meet its strategic safety, regulatory, and commercial obligations.

“I was delighted and surprised to win the award as we were up against tough competition from the other entries,” said Neil Tansley, Asset Modeling Manager at NGT, who accepted the award. “I think the success is largely due to the fact that we have implemented a full end-to-end investment management solution, with a clear line of sight between business and regulatory objectives. I look forward to a long and successful partnership with Copperleaf as we move towards RIIO-3.”

Product of the Year Award: Asset Investment Planning and Management (AIPM) developed by Copperleaf, submitted in collaboration with Northern Gas Networks, National Gas Transmission, and SGN

The Copperleaf Decision Analytics Solution has enabled several UK gas utilities to enhance their AIPM processes. Northern Gas Networks, NGT, and SGN adopted the Copperleaf solution to help them predict and monetize asset risks, optimize asset interventions, and manage project portfolios across their networks.

The Copperleaf solution is a worthy winner of the Product of the Year award thanks to major enhancements that support Ofgem’s Network Output Measures (NOMs) and Network Asset Risk Metric (NARMs) calculations for both gas distribution and transmission.

“When we implemented the Copperleaf solution in 2018, our main goal was to integrate multiple risk models into one system to support our regulatory reporting. Copperleaf has helped us achieve that goal and has also allowed us to produce an effective investment strategy for our GD2 price control period,” said Naveen Panwar, Senior Data Analyst at SGN. “We now look forward to fully utilizing the Copperleaf solution as we move into GD2 to deliver the best investment plan for our business and customers.”

“It’s great to see the innovative and strategic capability we have developed in partnership with Copperleaf receive recognition as the Product of the Year,” commented Ian Coates, Asset Strategy Lead for NGN. “The Copperleaf system will support the delivery of enhanced value for consumers through improved decision making.”

The Asset Investment Planning project was hugely successful due to the quality of the collaboration between Copperleaf and NGT. Implemented using an agile methodology which was new to our organization, the Copperleaf Solution has allowed NGT to transform and modernize existing business capabilities as well as embed new functions in the planning and optimization space,” added Michael Robertson, IT Project Manager, NGT. “To see the project recognized at the industry level is a testament to the quality of Copperleaf’s product and implementation team as well the transformational capability of National Gas and IT.”

Watch Copperleaf and our clients National Gas, Northern Gas Networks, and SGN, being announced winners of “Project of the Year” and “Product of the Year” at the 2021 Gas Industry Awards:

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