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Panel Discussion: ESG in Power Generation

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) concerns have become a crucial factor in capital and resource planning for power generation projects. The ESG impacts of these decisions are driving US utilities to go beyond the mandate to retire coal generation and push towards net zero for new power generation.

ESG also affects every facet of day-to-day utility operations: from energy efficiency strategies for office operations to transitioning gas-powered maintenance fleets to renewable-powered fleets. Considerations should also be analyzed when looking at utility procurements, where it is essential to understand the environmental footprint of first tier suppliers and their sub-suppliers to gauge the ESG impact of everything that the utility is buying and consuming in their operations.

PowerAdvocate, a provider of cloud software-enabled data in the energy space with expertise in ESG performance, hosts an exclusive conversation on how utilities are factoring ESG risks and objectives into their capital plans.

This event includes:

  • Expert Roundtable: A Three-Layer Strategy – Reducing ESG Impacts in Power Generation, Utility Operations and Extended Supply Chains
  • Panel Discussion: ESG Considerations for New Power Generation Investments, featuring speakers from Alliant Energy, Evergy, Copperleaf and PowerAdvocate