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Optimize Asset Investment Planning for Sustainable ESG Strategies 

Building a sustainable asset investment plan in today’s business environment means Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) must be an integral part of investment strategy.

The Copperleaf® Decision Analytics Solution helps companies optimize their investment portfolios by striking a balance between meeting existing business objectives—and delivering on increasingly important ESG-driven outcomes.

With decision analytics, companies can identify and capture value beyond traditional cost and reliability metrics—including public perception, safety, environmental compliance, and community impact. This approach enables organizations to make higher-value decisions that align with strategy, increase growth and resilience, and create positive impact for customers, communities, and the environment.

The Copperleaf solution is really important in terms of our baselining and understanding of where carbon is within our investment program. Without that, we wouldn’t have a baseline to challenge our supply chain to deliver low-carbon, low-cost solutions.

David Riley
Head of Carbon Neutrality
Anglian Water

Check out this video to learn how Copperleaf is helping clients across the globe—including National Grid, Endeavour Energy, Salt River Project (SRP), Alectra Utilities, and Anglian Water—balance sustainability and day-to-day operations, while meeting net-zero goals as well as regulatory and board requirements.