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Interview: CEO Paul Sakrzewski on Copperleaf’s Premium Certification as an SAP Endorsed App

Copperleaf® recently achieved Premium Certification as an SAP Endorsed App. We speak to Copperleaf CEO, Paul Sakrzewski, about this accomplishment, the launch of Copperleaf Portfolio for SAP® solutions, and what it means for our clients.

Why has Copperleaf partnered with SAP?

“At Copperleaf, we feel that we’re very good at what we do, but we also realize that we don’t operate in a vacuum. Our clients expect us to be coordinated with other software products in their digitized environment. Though Copperleaf has been SAP certified for years, this additional level of partnership, through the Endorsed App initiative, confirms SAP’s recognition of Copperleaf’s industry-leading technology. By partnering with SAP, we’re able to provide our clients with the end-to-end capability to rapidly develop, execute, and dynamically adapt capital plans that consistently deliver the greatest value.”

What does it mean for Copperleaf to have achieved Premium Certification as an SAP Endorsed App?

“SAP Endorsed Apps is an invitation-only program, through which SAP verifies the top-rated partners and apps that will deliver outstanding value to customers. This is a great achievement for Copperleaf, as our solution had undergone and passed a series of stringent tests, including added security and measurements against benchmark results, to ensure it met the requirements of Premium Certification.”

Not only is this a great achievement for Copperleaf, but it’s also a milestone for the Asset Investment Planning (AIP) market overall. Can you comment on this? 

“The Asset Investment Planning market is coming of age and AIP solutions are now being recognized for transforming how the world’s organizations ensure their execution plans are aligned with their strategy.  Having SAP include an AIP solution in their Endorsed App program reinforces how critical asset investment planning is becoming for many of their asset-intensive clients.”

Can you tell us a bit about Copperleaf Portfolio for SAP solutions?

Copperleaf Portfolio for SAP solutions enables direct integration between Copperleaf’s industry-leading AIP software and SAP Intelligent Asset Management and SAP Digital Supply Chain. The end-to-end solution will allow businesses to transform planned investment portfolios into executable projects within the SAP ecosystem.

In a nutshell, Copperleaf solutions help you choose the right work to do and the optimal time to do it, and SAP ensures you execute that work efficiently and accurately. We believe organizations need to do both to be successful.”

How will this solution help clients?

“Asset-intensive organizations typically have an abundance of worthwhile project opportunities, but limited resources with which to fund and execute work. Copperleaf helps you determine the optimal set of projects to execute in order to deliver the greatest value to your stakeholders. Our robust AIP solutions ensure you’re doing the right thing at the right time, based on an accurate view of your assets.

Once a plan has been developed, effective, efficient execution is key to ensuring you realize that value. However, a multitude of internal and external factors can impact execution, including weather, emergent work, outage schedules, workforce availability, permitting, etc. The integration between Copperleaf and SAP solutions creates a continuous feedback loop, enabling businesses to adapt quickly to maintain optimal business performance.

Copperleaf Portfolio for SAP solutions enables direct integration between Copperleaf’s industry-leading AIP software and SAP Intelligent Asset Management and SAP Digital Supply Chain. Copperleaf helps you decide what work to do and when, while executing that work efficiently and accurately using SAP solutions.

Many of the world’s most respected organizations use Copperleaf and SAP solutions to create this seamless planning process and ensure they’re making the best decisions around what work to do and then executing that work in the best way possible.”

What other benefits might be realized with this new solution?

Copperleaf Portfolio for SAP solutions will enable businesses to:

  • Use asset data in SAP solutions to make better asset sustainment decisions
  • Optimize investment portfolios to maximize capital efficiency and drive strategic goals
  • Assess and communicate project risks and benefits on a common economic scale
  • Execute planned projects within SAP solutions
  • Create a continuous feedback loop between asset investment planning and project execution
  • Adapt quickly to changing budgets, resource availability, and business priorities

With this solution, you get the best of Copperleaf and SAP together.”

Copperleaf Portfolio for SAP solutions is now available on the SAP Store.


In this video, Copperleaf Outbound Product Manager, Philippe Jetté, speaks to SAP’s Bruno Pincolini about how Copperleaf’s solution helps utilities decide when and where to invest in order to maximize value. They cover main use cases and highlight the capabilities and benefits of Copperleaf Portfolio for SAP solutions: