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Celebrating a Successful ANZ Community and AIPM Forum in Melbourne

From 25 to 26 October 2023, Copperleaf® hosted its Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) Community and AIPM Forum in Melbourne, Australia. We brought together attendees from across the energy, water, and government sectors to network, share knowledge, and learn from each other’s successes and experiences. Industry experts from Endeavour Energy, Essential Energy, Energy Queensland, United Energy, Citipower & Powercor, TasNetworks, Powerco, and others, discussed how value-based decision making is helping them navigate an increasingly complex investment planning landscape.

The Copperleaf Community at the 2023 ANZ Community and AIPM Forum

Paul Sakrzewski, Copperleaf CEO, set the stage with his keynote address about the many challenges we face today—from the macroeconomic to the geopolitical—and the role that technology adaption can play in responding to these global, interconnected challenges. After sharing his vision and strategy for the future, Bonita Lloyd, Country Manager, ANZ, welcomed attendees and outlined the agenda for the day which included a client-led panel discussion, a deep dive into Copperleaf’s product roadmap, the latest trends in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), and Powerco’s plans for further success.

Russ Stothers, Director of Product Management, spoke about Copperleaf’s history of collaboration with clients to develop new product innovations and ensure we’re focusing on features that are valuable to them. He then took a deep dive into some exciting developments around new Copperleaf product capabilities, including Adaptive Pathways, Risk Manager, Self-Serve Analysis, and using generative AI.

It was great to meet our clients in person and have the opportunity to better understand their use of our products. The willingness of Community members to share experiences and encourage more advanced uses of our product is a testament to the strength of this Community.

Russ Stothers
Director of Product Management

Peter Langdon, Head of Asset Planning and Performance at Endeavour Energy, led an interactive panel discussion about responding to change around the regulatory landscape. Experts across the Community shared their experiences and discussed how solutions like Copperleaf Value™ have helped them respond better to regulatory challenges by making it easier to define, communicate, and evolve how they measure value in a transparent way.

Endeavour Energy’s Peter Langdon leads a discussion with panelists from Essential Energy, Energy Queensland, Endeavour Energy, United Energy, Citipower & Powercor, Powerco, and TasNetworks

This was followed by an engaging session hosted by Damien Quentin, ESG Practice Lead, on the intricacies of capital planning in today’s rapidly evolving world. He shared the latest trends, strategies, and technologies around sustainability and governance, empowering businesses to make data-driven decisions.

Day 1 came to a close with speakers from Powerco sharing what they learned from attending the 2023 Copperleaf Global Summit in Vancouver, the value of engaging with over 120 global peers, and what actions they have taken since that time to ensure future success.

Networking is a key benefit of our Community events and our dinner provided attendees the opportunity to continue discussions into the evening.

Our Community is vibrant, engaged, and willing to share their learnings. It is our client base that makes Copperleaf a special experience and reminds us all of the value we bring to complex capital planning decisions on a daily basis.

Bonita Lloyd
Country Manager, ANZ

Attendees participate in the Optimisation Game in which teams are tasked with building the best possible plan within a complex asset management environment

The next morning started with our ANZ Community Forum which gave clients a roundtable for group discussions led by their peers. As always, the conversations were thought-provoking and demonstrated the Community’s commitment to delivering for the public. Attendees discussed how the pressure for performance is continually increasing and the environment in which they operate is becoming more complex. It was agreed that clarity of what’s important across an organisation is key to demonstrating progress towards value. We all rely on critical infrastructure, and it’s fulfilling to work alongside these dedicated organisations who are creating a positive impact one decision at a time.

Thank you to our amazing speakers and attendees for sharing their insights and expertise. We hope to see you again next year!

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