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Written by: Paul Sakrzewski

Our next chapter: IFS

Since we incorporated in 2000, Copperleaf has successfully launched asset investment planning as a new category of enterprise software and in the process developed an industry-leading product, built a word-class team and achieved a global presence and brand. Our successful IPO in 2021 gave us the capital we required to scale the company and, combined with the considerable effort of our talented and dedicated team, this has enabled us to grow considerably over the past 2.5 years to become the clear global market leader and number one provider of AIP solutions.

Today, our solutions are helping a global community of the largest and most respected critical infrastructure organizations around the world maximize the value that they bring to their clients and their communities as they manage trillions of dollars in assets and bring their ESG commitments to life. Our market success has validated the huge idea at the core of Copperleaf – the concept of value-based decision making, applied practically with software support, to the challenge of optimizing resource allocation to drive maximum value.

Coming away from our recent Copperleaf Summits in Whistler and Brussels, I am inspired by our amazing customers – who continue to be our greatest champions and advocates – sharing their stories, best practices and ideas for new product development. It is thanks to you, and the innovation we have driven together that we have been able to grow our software offering and our business to what it has become.

And now we are ready to start our next chapter.

Today, I’m excited to share that Copperleaf has been acquired by IFS, the leading technology innovator in cloud and Industrial AI software. Our Copperleaf team will join IFS’s organization and will continue to focus on building our capabilities and supporting our customers.

Being part of IFS will help us to scale globally and grow faster, as we benefit from:

  • Additional resources and deep expertise to drive more and faster innovation
  • Access to additional industries and new markets
  • A large installed base of over 6,000 IFS customers currently leveraging Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Field Service Management (FSM) to manage their asset base
  • The opportunity to leverage IFS’ suite of market leading software solutions to offer seamless end-to-end solutions to our clients
  • A vast global ecosystem of trusted advisors and partners in the space that we operate

I have been impressed in my early interactions with the IFS team. They understand and value the work that we do at Copperleaf and are genuinely excited about our platform and our people. They are clearly committed to continuing to support our valued customers through even more exceptional service and accelerating innovation to drive value through additional advanced functionality.

To the Copperleaf team, I want to say a huge Thank You for your commitment and positive spirit that has brought us this far.

A journey like this one requires a truly special team. Thank you for your tireless dedication to our customers and to our vision. Without you, we would not have achieved the success we have experienced, and we wouldn’t be in the position we are today – ready to drive more value for the clients who have placed their trust in us and build an even bigger success story as we scale our offering to new heights.

Thank you for your trust and support – I look forward to working with you as we continue to grow together with the team at IFS.

Paul Sakrzewski, CEO, Copperleaf