Written by: Copperleaf

Innovation @ Copperleaf: Stan Coleman on the Launch of Framework Designer

In this interview with Stan Coleman, Copperleaf’s Chief Architect, he discusses the launch of Framework Designer, the latest innovation in the Copperleaf Decision Analytics Solution. Framework Designer is a new option that can be added to our enterprise value management product, Copperleaf Value™.

Q: Before we dive into Framework Designer, can you tell us a bit about Copperleaf Value?

Copperleaf Value allows organizations to define, communicate, and evolve their value frameworks. The Copperleaf Value Framework is our unique approach to enable value-based decision making within and across a business—allowing all investment decisions to be compared and quantified on a common economic scale.

Copperleaf Value provides an enterprise-grade solution to:

  • Define: gain consensus on how your organization measures value
  • Communicate: visualize and report on the framework for communication to both internal and external stakeholders
  • Evolve: adapt your framework to meet changing business needs

Framework Designer is really the “evolve” portion of what makes Copperleaf Value so valuable to organizations.”

Q: Why did Copperleaf develop Framework Designer?

“Over time, value frameworks need to be modified to reflect new best practices, evolving business objectives, or shifting regulatory requirements. Framework Designer enables clients to make changes to their existing frameworks and build new ones from scratch to prototype and test new ideas.

Historically, editing a value framework required in-depth software development knowledge, which meant that many clients were dependent on Copperleaf’s development team to make changes. With the rise in the no-code movement, we saw an opportunity to put our clients in the driver’s seat of both value framework creation and long-term evolution.”

Q: How does Framework Designer work?

“Framework Designer makes it easy for organizations to pivot strategy at an enterprise level by enabling them to build, edit, and evolve their frameworks. Its intuitive interface and value model templates allow clients to take full control of their value frameworks, regardless of technical expertise.

New value models can be created through a curated set of questions. Value models can also be added from the Copperleaf Value Model Library, a comprehensive collection of over 250 best practice models proven by some of the world’s leading organizations. Updated value frameworks are immediately available in Copperleaf Asset™ and Copperleaf Portfolio™, to ensure our clients are always making the highest-value decisions.”

Q: What is a value model?

“Value models are a critical component of the Copperleaf Value Framework. They are the calculation engines that assess the value of every investment or asset decision over time. These value models span from simple risk analysis (probability x consequence) to complex multi-failure models that calculate value for the next 50 years.”

Q: Who will benefit from this new feature?

“Framework Designer will benefit clients across multiple sectors who want to manage changes to their value frameworks independently.  They can test new ideas and ensure investment decisions continue to align with new goals and objectives as they emerge. This makes it especially useful for organizations that want to improve their agility in a constantly changing world.”

Q: How are clients using Framework Designer today?

“Many of our clients have already implemented Framework Designer and are using it to make a variety of changes, from simple text changes, to updating formulas, to creating models from scratch. Historically, changes to a value framework required making a request to Copperleaf, gathering specifications, and testing the changes. With Framework Designer, clients have the ability to make iterations as needed.”

Q: What’s next for Framework Designer?

“We’re enhancing Framework Designer by adding value model templates to both increase support for our current clients, and expand into entirely new industry sectors. Additionally, we’re exploring opportunities to create a place for our clients to swap best practice models directly. Finally, we’re also adding a feature that guides less familiar users on how to create value models from scratch.”

Interested in learning more about Framework Designer? Download the Copperleaf Value brochure today!