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Forecast sustainment needs & manage risk in your critical infrastructure

The ISO 55000 standard is focused on delivering stakeholder value using risk as a basis for decision making. Copperleaf Asset™ can help your organization leverage these principles and make optimal and rigorous asset sustainment decisions with agility and efficiency.

Copperleaf Asset empowers organizations to optimize performance of their asset base for the next one to one hundred years. Copperleaf Asset generates risk, cost, and value over time for each asset and calculates optimal intervention dates, allowing asset managers to create the best strategy while accounting for all business constraints.

Copperleaf Asset is the driver of how we create our risk-based annual work plans.”
Caroline Hon Vice President of Resource Planning, National Grid

Optimize interventions across your asset base

Copperleaf Asset’s powerful optimizer can analyze millions of assets, to produce optimal lifecycle strategies for your entire asset base. Copperleaf Asset models how the risk and value changes with time and provides a recommended intervention date for each asset.

Copperleaf Asset separates which assets need urgent attention from those that may intervened upon at a later date, while ensuring risk is managed throughout. With optimal lifecycle strategies for your key assets, you can be confident your organization is effectively managing risk and using limited resources to maximize business value.

Value by Intervention | Asset Management | Copperleaf

Create value-informed asset strategies

Copperleaf Asset forecasts both long-term baseline risk and the outcome risk for different asset sustainment strategies, allowing you to better understand the risk and cost trade-offs in your asset population.

Copperleaf Asset considers multiple operating constraints when developing its asset strategies resulting in plans that deliver the greatest value and can be executed with your available resources. Make better plans by arming your organization with the optimal asset-sustainment strategies delivered by Copperleaf Asset.

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Industry-leading asset modeling

Copperleaf Asset applies ISO 55000 standards and industry best practice asset models that incorporate risks, benefits, resources, service measures, KPIs, and entire lifecycle costs. Sophisticated asset models can represent multiple intervention types on assets with multiple sub-components and multiple failure modes.

You can get started making better decisions today  using only in-service dates for a subset of your asset base. Copperleaf Asset includes the Copperleaf® Asset Model Library, a repository of industry best practice asset models that can be configured to meet your organization’s individual needs.

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Faster, smarter, more transparent decisions

The Copperleaf Product Suite enables a holistic, end-to-end planning solution that incorporates “bottom-up” asset modeling with “top-down” strategic planning at the portfolio level. By creating optimal asset sustainment plans in Copperleaf Asset and then passing those strategies over to Copperleaf Portfolio to be optimized against other candidate investments, organizations achieve optimal enterprise-wide business plans.


“ONE Gas has over 2 million assets loaded in Copperleaf. Across the enterprise, ONE Gas can look holistically at these assets, scope projects, and optimize a work plan that delivers the most value to our stakeholders.”


Manitoba Hydro

“I was asked to provide the impact of a budgetary reduction of 20%, I was able to immediately show the impact of the change, whereas other divisions would take a month or more.”


Northern Gas Networks

“Copperleaf Asset will significantly improve our regulatory reporting process for asset risk and ensure we deliver a robust, evidence-based RIIO-GD2 business plan submission.”

With Copperleaf Asset, we now have much better visibility into the sustainment needs of our asset base over the long term, and we can clearly demonstrate that our investment plans are aligned with our company priorities.”
Jim Pegg Manager of Asset Planning, Hydro Ottawa

Modular and Configurable

Copperleaf Asset is highly modular and configurable, growing with you as your business needs evolve. It can integrate seamlessly with your existing systems to turn data into decisions.

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