Blog Hero Danilo Prates - Copperleaf Decision Analytics

Written by: Danilo Prates, B.Sc., MBA

Innovation @ Copperleaf: Our Top 3 Product Innovations in 2021

2021 was a huge year for Copperleaf. Some of the highlights include new clients  joining our Community, new partners  in our ecosystem, and our successful Initial Public Offering. Through all this, our Product Development teams continued to innovate, collaborating with clients around the globe to solve new problems. As a result, we released over 40 features and enhancements in our products. In this article, I’d like to highlight three of our favorite innovations from 2021 as we reflect on an eventful year:

Unit Cost Models

Through our work with clients using Copperleaf Portfolio™, we saw that organizations need to calculate class 5 cost estimates more accurately and efficiently. Last August, we introduced a new licensed option in version 21.3 to help capital planning teams speed up entering proposed investments by automating their estimating process. Read more about Unit Cost Models in our interview with Product Manager Jessica Saini.

Scenario Fiscal Parameters

In our November 21.4 release, we included a variety of new financial parameters in Copperleaf Portfolio to support users performing scenario analysis. We expanded the parameters that can be included in optimization scenarios to include inflation rates, loading rates, and resource rates—providing more power to users to understand the impact of their decisions and help predict future implications as these parameters change. These features also set the stage for upcoming advancements around support for multiple currency analysis in scenarios, allowing for trade-offs between currencies based on exchange rate variances.

Rules-Based Grouping

Rules-Based Grouping is a significant innovation in Copperleaf Asset™ that was released in version 21.1. This new feature strengthens ties between Copperleaf Asset and Copperleaf Portfolio, allowing users to define groups in Asset that can carry over to Portfolio, so that interventions on groups of related assets can be planned at the same time. By automating the grouping process, this functionality saves time and ensures planners create realistic investments that target the appropriate related assets, resulting in time and cost savings for field teams.

As we continue to look for new problems to solve in 2022, it’s important to reflect on what we’ve accomplished so far. A huge thank you to all our clients for their trust and partnership as we drove our products forward throughout the year. Here’s to many more collaborative innovations in 2022!

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