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Written by: Brent Solomon

Get Value from your Data with Copperleaf Dashboards

Asset investment planning solutions are powerful tools, but translating their outputs into meaningful and insightful data visualisations can be challenging. Having all this information in one system can streamline planning and enhance decision making, but only if that information is visualised and communicated in a clear, digestible format for the relevant audience.

Copperleaf® offers an extensive dashboard library to ensure each stakeholder can immediately access the information they need. These dashboards provide templates and self-serve visualisations as a starting point, with the option to extend and customise according to the needs of the organisation or individual. This allows different departments and stakeholders to see the information most relevant to them, contextualise data from the Copperleaf product suite, and optimise storytelling for each audience.

  • Strategy and Finance
    Present an overview of strategic objectives and operational constraints
  • Planning and Regulation
    Explore, present and defend the plan
  • Data Analysts
    Analyse data input quality and impacts on relationships and outputs
  • Asset Strategy
    Explain long-term forecasts, trade-offs and paths of least regret
  • Project Management Office
    Compare forecasts to actuals and understand the implications
  • Delivery Planning
    Use data and visualisations to support generation of schemes of work

In a recent webinar, we highlighted some of our newest additions to the library—including the Asset Strategy Alternative Comparison and CNAIM dashboards—and showcased some use cases from Copperleaf clients like South Staffs Water, who have been using Copperleaf dashboards to foster tactical and strategic interaction and communicate value across departments. The webinar also demonstrated the customisation options in various dashboards, and how users can leverage advanced visualisation and reporting capabilities for a range of audiences and functions.

Copperleaf is committed to continuously improving our solutions, which means we have a multi-release roadmap to ensure our dashboard library meets the needs of all users and provides the extraordinary experience we promise our clients. In the future we’ll be focusing on integrating external data and empowering more dynamic self-serve use of data to generate insight, along with creating new dashboard templates as requested by users.

Working with the Copperleaf team to create a bespoke suite of dashboards, we can now see cost and value parameters in context of known investment planning objectives/terminology, and this has been done in a way that clearly illustrates the relative merits of comparative scenarios. We are able to quickly visualise how given scenarios are performing against regulatory targets, and where specific investment interventions are driving this value.

Jared McGivern
Head of Asset Management
South Staffs Water

The dashboard library is designed to scale with our clients’ requirements and existing core system, empowering organisations to optimise their capital planning and asset management activities with maximum flexibility. Whether it’s senior executives looking for financial metrics, data analysts evaluating data quality, or planners comparing investment scenarios, Copperleaf dashboards offer a speedy, intuitive experience for every audience.

Get in touch with the Copperleaf team to learn more and register for future webinars.