Blog Hero Interview with Judi Hess - Copperleaf Decision Analytics

Written by: Copperleaf

Feature Article: Entrepreneur Of The Year 2021 Winner—Judi Hess Turbocharged Copperleaf by Reinventing its Company Culture

As an EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2021 Pacific Winner, Copperleaf CEO, Judi Hess, was recently interviewed by BCBusiness magazine to discuss how she turned Copperleaf into a global leader in decision analytics by focusing on exceptional customer and employee experiences. She talks about the business challenges Copperleaf faced in its early years, how culture drives the company’s success,  and the importance of championing diversity.

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Judi Hess

Read the full interview at to learn more about:

  • how Copperleaf’s culture was developed collaboratively by all employees
  • what Copperleaf is doing to improve diversity
  • the impact of the pandemic on Copperleaf and its clients
  • 10 things you might not know about Judi