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Written by: Barry Quart

Copperleaf Donates to COVID-19 Pandemic Response

At Copperleaf, giving back to our local communities is an inherent part our culture. During these challenging times, the Copperleaf team decided to redirect our fundraising efforts, through our Copperleaf Random Acts of Delight (RAD) initiative, towards charities that will help us all get through the COVID-19 pandemic together.

C55 FM Radio Request Fundraiser

Who knew Copperleaf had its own in-house DJ? Joshua Bray, one of our implementation specialists, hosted a 2-hour streaming special that raised $400 for the Vancouver Food Bank. Participants donated a minimum of $5 each to put in a song request (with Copperleaf matching all donations), and Joshua complemented each request with a handpicked optimized personal recommendation. The result was a fantastic playlist and proof that his skills are better than any streaming service algorithm!

Team Training Workshop

When COVID-19 forced companies to go remote practically overnight, we held an online training workshop on “leading remote teams” for all of our team leads. Led by Lorie Corcuera, Co-Founder and CEO of SPARK  Creations, a local training and culture development organization, we learned practical tools like energy assessment, trust agreement, team huddle tips, and remote work plans. Instead of charging a workshop fee, Lorie asked Copperleaf to donate $1,000 to the North Shore Crisis Services Society whose purpose is to provide safe shelter to abused women and their children, and to end abuse through education and public awareness.

School Supply Drive

Employees collected new school supplies and cash donations for children of low-income families before the 2020/2021 school year begins in September. We are continuing to work with the Vancouver School Board to finalize the drop-off once school is back in session.

2020 Vancouver Sun Run & STEMCELL Science Fair Fun Run

Copperleafers were training and getting ready for these charity runs when COVID-19 hit Canada. As both runs were cancelled, we decided to redirect these funds to support COVID-related charity work and are in the midst of voting on which charities to donate to. In the meantime, we are looking forward to next year’s runs!

Copperleaf’s Got Talent

Employees have volunteered to host virtual sessions based on their many talents to help raise additional funds. Plans include yoga sessions, cooking demos, music classes, and even a video games night, with attendees making financial donations to participate. We’re looking forward to discovering what hidden talents our employees have and to the possibility of learning something new!

Copperleaf loves to give back through our RAD initiative and we can’t wait to see what else we can accomplish in 2020. Stay tuned!

*Note: all photos taken prior to COVID-19 and social distancing advisory

The Copperleaf RAD initiative is a key part of our Copperleaf culture that provides a means to give back to the community and support charitable causes that really matter to our team. Learn more about the Copperleaf Culture here.