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Copperleaf: Canada’s Best Managed Companies 2019 | Asset Management

Copperleaf™ CEO, Judi Hess, recently sat down with Canadian Business to discuss how Copperleaf’s unique culture helped us win the Canada’s Best Managed Companies designation and why taking the time to hire the right people is the first step in creating a winning company.

At Copperleaf, we believe it’s the people that make the biggest difference in a company, and that culture is vital to attract and retain the best people. “To win in the marketplace,” comments Judi, “You need a disproportionate share of the very best people compared to your competitors.” And you have to create the right culture to make sure those “very best people” can reach their full potential and develop into a winning team.

Our culture was developed and implemented by the entire team, and reflects the values that are most significant to us. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that any potential hires are a good cultural fit because every employee is viewed as an ambassador of our culture to our customers, partners, shareholders, and the greater community at large.

To win in the marketplace, you need a disproportionate share of the very best people compared to your competitors.

Judi Hess

To bring the culture to life as soon as you start at Copperleaf, we have a comprehensive onboarding program for new employees, which includes exposure to all facets of the organization, including strategy, operations, R&D, sales, marketing, and culture. Because culture is such a key component of our strategy, Judi personally delivers a three-hour session on culture to all new employees. “The culture session was a great opportunity to have an intimate and direct conversation with Judi,” says graphic designer Mary Tiong, one of Copperleaf’s new employees. “I appreciate that our CEO puts in the time and effort to lead the session herself, which shows that the company culture is valued by the people at the top.”

In addition, every two years each employee will attend a “refresher session” alongside new hires to ensure that all team members continue to embrace the principles of the culture. “As you grow, it gets harder and more complex to do it all,” adds Judi. “But our people power the company, and doing this makes a really big difference.”

Read Judi’s full interview on and learn more about:

  • Copperleaf’s onboarding process
  • What brings staff loyalty
  • Why Copperleaf values a unique culture and how it is reinforced

Copperleaf received the Canada’s Best Managed Companies award in March 2019.

This is our first time making the list of Canada’s Best Managed Companies. Copperleaf was recognized for its continuous growth, business strategy, and unique culture focused on customer success.

The Best Managed program is sponsored by Deloitte Private, CIBC, Canadian Business, Smith School of Business, and TMX Group.

For a full list of the 2019 winners, please visit

As a winner of the Canada’s Best Managed Companies award, we strive to continuously improve and excel in our industry. We are always looking for talented individuals to join our rapidly expanding team. Check out our careers page and see if Copperleaf is the right place for you.