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Written by: Jess Carney Shaw

Celebrating a Successful AIPM Forum in Copenhagen

On 1st December 2022, Copperleaf® was delighted to host its second Asset Investment Planning and Management (AIPM) Forum in Copenhagen, Denmark. Following the success of last year’s event, almost 50 delegates from various industry sectorsincluding electrical, gas, rail, and watergathered in the glorious Tivoli Gardens to hear client case studies, discuss industry trends, and learn from like-minded peers. 

To kick off the event, Copperleaf’s Regional Sales Manager Christina Jørgensen welcomed attendees and introduced the newest member of the Copperleaf Community, Copenhagen Metro, before highlighting the trends and key success factors that have led to Copperleaf’s growth and the adoption of AIPM best practices in the region. 

Louise Jensen, Power Engineer at TREFOR, shared how the company significantly reduced spending by extending its asset replacement programme from a 10year to a 20year horizon

Capital Planning in a Changing World

The presentations began with a keynote address from Stefan Falck, Head of Capital Structure at Ørsted, the largest renewable energy company in Denmark and a global leader in the transition to green energy. Ørsted’s long-term capital planning has been impacted by rising energy prices, political agendas, and operational challenges. This volatility has complicated Ørsted’s forecasting and planning processes, and the company has had to continuously learn and adapt to overcome these obstacles. 

Increased regulation, costs, and environmental demands are key issues facing many asset-intensive organisations, and Falck emphasised the need for planners to be agile, forecast precisely, and adopt processes and tools to manage these challenges. 

John Green, Strategic Asset Manager at Anglian Water, explained the benefits of the Copperleaf Value Framework 

Case Studies from VISUE, TREFOR and Anglian Water

We were excited to have three clients, VISUE, TREFOR, and Anglian Water, share their asset management journeys, highlight successful use cases, and explain how the Copperleaf Decision Analytics Solution has helped them improve decision making, manage risk, and maximise value. 

Stine Søgaard Pederson, Data Scientist at VISUE, and Louise Jensen, Power Engineer at TREFOR, demonstrated how Copperleaf supports the reinvestment plan for ageing and failing assets, enabling them to understand the long-term risk exposure across the asset base and assess the impact of different strategies on risk over time. Using fault statistics data, TREFOR was able to extend its asset replacement programme for 10 kV cables from a 10-year to a 20-year horizon. The optimised reinvestment plan unlocked resource and reliability efficiencies, reduced operational costs, and improved transparency with the municipality.

Anglian Water is the largest water and water recycling company in England and Wales, supplying services to more than six million customers in the East of England and Hartlepool. John Green, Strategic Asset Manager at Anglian Water, delivered a powerful presentation on how implementing key metrics in their Copperleaf Value Framework allows the team to align investment decisions with the six capitals framework. This enables Anglian Water to understand and balance how investment decisions affect not only the network and employees, but also social, intellectual, manufactured, financial, and natural capital at an individual investment and portfolio level.

(From L-R) Marie Breum, Magnus Lövgren, John Green and Morten Thorball discussed AIPM maturity levels within their organisations 

Panel, Polls and Play

Attendees had some fun diving into the nitty gritty of portfolio planning and decision making with the Copperleaf optimisation game. In this interactive session, delegates had to analyse several scenarios, defend their investments to ‘board members’, and choose the most valuable and cost-effective portfolio plans. 

In our Panel, Polls and Play session, Morten Thorball, Partner at KPMG, moderated a discussion with John Green from Anglian Water, Marie Breum, Asset Manager at BIOFOS, and Magnus Lövgren, Asset Manager at Vattenfall. Panellists shared their views on whether companies are doing enough to manage assets as effectively as possible, and discussed how improvements can be made to achieve greater value. 

Audience members were able to provide input on their own asset management processes and predictions for 2023 via a range of on-screen polls. Attendees who caught the ‘Copperleaf Cube’ (our throwable microphone) were also able to test their hand-eye coordination and share their thoughts! 

Asset investment planning has never been more relevant in these complex and unpredictable times. This super wellfacilitated AIPM Forum gave me and like-minded people across various businesses a great chance to exchange everyday challenges, ideas, and smiles.

Mads Sørensen
Strategic Asset Manager
Copenhagen Airports

Thank You

Copperleaf would like to extend a huge thank you to all who attended the AIPM Forum and made it such a success. We look forward to seeing you again next year! 

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