Delivering the highest value from assets in rail

Aging infrastructure, concerns about carbon emissions, and increased competition are transforming the way rail organizations allocate capital. Integrated planning and value-based decision making equip organizations with the insights and agility to deliver capital plans that provide the highest return on investment to all stakeholders. Understanding how all projects impact performance measures—replacing infrastructure, adding capacity, safety improvements, or decarbonization initiatives—enable rail organizations to find the most cost-effective way to achieve strategic goals on schedule.

Having a common value framework throughout the business allows us to make sure that we’re making the best decisions for the money that we have.”
Dr. Sam Chew Principal Analyst, Whole Life Costing, Network Rail

Tangible, Measurable Results

Every Copperleaf® client has recovered their investment within their first planning cycle—and every organization that has implemented our solution continues to use it successfully today. They report:

Adopted by Industry Leaders

Network Rail selected the Copperleaf Decision Analytics Solution to help manage Britain’s railway infrastructure, which includes 20,000 miles of track, 30,000 bridges, tunnels and viaducts, and the thousands of signals, level crossings and stations.

The Copperleaf solution provides an enterprise-wide platform for strategic asset modeling and investment planning. It is being used to forecast work volumes, outputs, and expenditure across Network Rail’s entire asset base.

Investment Summary | Asset Management Tool | Copperleaf

Make the highest-value decisions

Copperleaf Portfolio™ empowers organizations to efficiently create, manage, and communicate investment plans that deliver the greatest value while simultaneously respecting funding, resource, and timing constraints. Portfolio equips your team with streamlined investment capture and costing tools, AI-powered portfolio optimization tools, and a value-based decision-making framework that uses industry-proven models from the Copperleaf Value Model Library. Make the highest-value investment decisions with Copperleaf Portfolio.

Define, communicate, and evolve your value framework

As your business environment changes, new strategic priorities will emerge. With Copperleaf Value™, you can update your value framework quickly to align investment decisions with new customer priorities and improve passenger experience. Create a culture of transparency, accountability, and trust by making it easy to define, communicate, and evolve how your organization measures value.

Strategic Objectives | Copperleaf
Asset Summary | Asset Management Tool | Copperleaf

Forecast sustainment needs & manage risk in your critical infrastructure

The ISO 55000 standard is focused on delivering stakeholder value using risk as a basis for decision making. Copperleaf Asset™ can help your organization leverage these principles and make optimal and rigorous asset sustainment decisions with agility and efficiency. Copperleaf Asset empowers organizations to optimize asset performance for the next one to one hundred years. Copperleaf Asset generates risk, cost, and value over time for each asset and calculates optimal intervention dates, allowing asset managers to create the best strategy while accounting for all business constraints.

Adaptable Enterprise Solution

Copperleaf provides a highly configurable software solution that can grow with you as your business needs evolve. It integrates seamlessly with existing EAM, APM, ERP, GIS, and other systems for more efficient, data-driven decision making.

We were looking for an asset investment planning solution that would enable us to consolidate all our existing models on a single platform and would also support our ambitious plans for their further development. We also wanted a solution that would be accessible to our devolved regional businesses, so that they can analyze their own investment scenarios and optimize their plans in support of Network Rail’s commitment to putting passengers first.”

Andy Kirwan Head of Advanced Analytics, Network Rail

Having a common value framework throughout the business allows us to make sure that we’re making the best decisions for the money that we have. We can spend our money in lots of different areas and by having a common value framework it means that we’ve focused our strategic objectives in such a way that we’re maximizing the benefit to our passengers.”

Dr. Sam Chew Principal Analyst, Whole Life Costing, Network Rail

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