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Making the Highest-value Asset Investment Decisions at Network Rail

Network Rail owns and manages the national rail network in Great Britain. This includes a diverse portfolio of assets across a range of engineering types, such as over 31,000 kilometres of track, more than 2,500 stations, 20,000 structures, and 1,600 signalling systems. Network Rail is also one of the largest telecoms infrastructure companies in the country. In recent years, Network Rail split its operations into five regions and 15 routes, each with different local priorities.

Like most railway companies, Network Rail faces asset management challenges brought on by factors like changing customer demand, concerns about carbon emissions, and ageing infrastructure—some of Network Rail’s assets were constructed in the 19th century and require complex maintenance and renewal strategies to keep them in operation.

To improve asset management capabilities and maximise investment effectiveness across its asset base, Network Rail partnered with Copperleaf® to integrate its existing lifecycle cost models into a single system.