ONE Gas is one of the largest publicly traded, 100 percent-regulated natural gas utilities in the United States. ONE Gas provides natural gas distribution services to more than 2 million customers in Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas. Headquartered in Tulsa, Okla., its companies include the largest natural gas distributor in Oklahoma and Kansas, and the third largest in Texas, in terms of customers.

ONE Gas selected Copperleaf® Decision Analytics Solution in August 2013 as part of a larger overall corporate transformation to centralize asset management and asset investment decision making processes across three states. The Copperleaf Suite implementation was completed one week ahead of schedule, in December 2013, with the project co-leads being recognized for their tremendous efforts. Today, the system supports more than 2 million assets.

ONE Gas has over 2 million assets loaded in Copperleaf’s solution. Across the enterprise, ONE Gas can look holistically at these assets, scope projects, and optimize a work plan that delivers the most value to our stakeholders.”

Matt Fulghum Director, Asset Investment Planning and Management, ONE Gas, Inc.

Our Asset Management department facilitates the planning and management of engineering and operations groups for our natural gas distribution operations across three states in North America. Our mission is to give our work groups a powerful tool and provide support for them as they use the tool. The software we chose is the Copperleaf Decision Analytics solution. The first-rate support we receive from Copperleaf makes it possible for us to provide first-rate support for our employees.”

Jim Henry Coordinator – QA and Training, Asset Management, ONE Gas, Inc.

Copperleaf has propelled us into the future of asset management and the analytics of understanding where we need to do our work next.”

Matt Fulghum Director, Asset Investment Planning and Management, ONE Gas, Inc.

We were able to:
a. Create clear visibility within our organizational structure by merging asset management and engineering to form a new System Integrity department;
b. Verify alignment of asset management processes and integrity management programs;
c. Focus on an enterprise-wide, risk-based approach to asset replacement; and
d. Continue to improve asset records and long-term plans for system integrity improvements.”

‒ Excerpt from ONE Gas 2015 Annual report referencing their Copperleaf C55 implementation