Driving Towards Better Decision Making in Transit

Delivering Value in a Resource-Constrained Environment

Upgrading and replacing aging infrastructure, expanding service, delivering on performance targets, and meeting customer expectations are imperative to deliver value today and into the future. Copperleaf helps transit agencies to balance these competing objectives when there aren’t enough resources to do it all.

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Tackling State of Good Repair Backlog with Decision Analytics

The American transit system is grappling with a substantial backlog of over $100 billion in maintenance and repair spending.

Learn how Copperleaf’s Decision Analytics solution enables transit agencies to align capital investments with FTA requirements, while optimizing plans and adapting to changing conditions.


Houston METRO Selects Copperleaf Portfolio to Optimize Transit Asset Management

As the transit asset management landscape has evolved to incorporate new drivers of value, such as risk, resilience, and equity, legacy tools are increasingly unable to meet the complex investment prioritization needs of many transit providers.

METRO selected Copperleaf to improve its ability to create transparent, defensible capital plans, address its State of Good Repair (SGR) backlog, and adapt quickly to changing financial and operational conditions.


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Navigating Towards Better Decision Making in Transportation

Transportation agencies worldwide share common goals to maintain existing infrastructure, expand capacity, foster innovation and provide efficient service. With projects spanning years or decades, they must remain agile to respond to changing conditions, from extreme weather events to evolving user behaviors.

Learn how Copperleaf enables transportation agencies to align investment plans with long-term strategies and deliver tangible results that enhance safety, equity, innovation, and resilience.


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Copenhagen Metro’s Journey to Value-based Decision Making

Copenhagen Metro implemented Copperleaf to transition from siloed, Excel-based planning to a streamlined, value-based approach. They are now able to create plans that incorporate strategic focus areas beyond just financial criteria, including customer satisfaction, sustainability, and capacity.

Learn more about their journey.

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