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Webinar: Value Undiscovered: Make CapEx Decisions that Reduce Risk & Increase ROI

Maximizing capital efficiency is imperative for any organization looking to gain a competitive advantage, and the first step in creating value for your company is to develop capital plans that drive strategy. The challenge many organizations face is quantifying the unique benefits each project delivers—especially when there are different measures of success, such as improving reliability, mitigating safety risks, or increasing productivity.

Being able to evaluate these benefits and compare them on equal footing is critical for developing capital plans that maximize return on investment, minimize risk exposure, and drive strategic objectives.

Mark Schulz, a leader in digital transformation, leads a panel discussion featuring Phil Jones, Global Vice President, Business Development at Copperleaf, and Dan Coombs, former EVP of LyondellBassell, to explore how leading organizations are changing the way they make CapEx decisions.

Watch now to find out how your organization can:

  • Improve planning efficiencies
  • Quantify the disparate benefits (financial, risk mitigation, sustainability, etc.) projects deliver
  • Build investment plans that maximize capital efficiency
  • Execute your corporate strategy with confidence