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Webinar: Utility Climate Resilience: Future-Proof Your Capital Investment Strategy

Each year, the assets of electric, gas and water utilities grow more threatened by the looming impacts of climate change. This poses substantial long-term risks to the reliability of utility service, as well as to public safety. However, it’s not easy to calculate the full costs associated with climate-related risks, including settlements and fines related to wildfires, skyrocketing costs for wholesale energy purchases, and other substantial external costs.

Also, climate-related risks are only one factor when it comes to utilities making key decisions about system planning and capital investments. Hosted by a panel of industry experts, this webinar addresses several key utility considerations for climate-resilient capital investment planning, including:

  • Evolving risks and other important factors
  • Intersection of climate change and system demand planning
  • Meeting climate-related targets, such as eliminating carbon emissions

Webinar speakers: