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Webinar – Rapid Scenarios: How Leading Utilities are Planning for a Post-Pandemic World

For utilities, ensuring investment plans are keeping pace with the needs of customers and infrastructure is always a key area of focus. However, COVID-19 is throwing a wrench into these plans, impacting the ability to do work now and into the future. This creates uncertainty around budgets, load profiles, and service delivery. Continuous planning is quickly becoming the norm as organisations struggle to answer questions like:

  • How can we ensure we are making the best decisions and building a realistic plan in the face of increasing financial and resource challenges?
  • How can we understand the impact of project delays on our risk profile and our business?

Learn how leading utilities are using best practices in value-based decision making and Asset Investment Planning and Management to chart a course through these difficult waters. This session will also unpack how rapid scenario planning can help your organisation build resiliency and agility to meet the challenges ahead. Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Best practices for planning agility
  • How to quickly build and adopt a Value Framework and use rapid scenario analysis to support decision making
  • How to quickly adapt investment plans to account for changes in resources, budgets, and project timelines
  • How to perform what-if analysis to understand the impact of external factors on investment planning
  • What planning scenarios utilities are considering to navigate the pandemic and the challenges ahead

Webinar Speakers: