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Webinar – Project Portfolio Management : Value-based Decision Making at Enexis

Enexis is one of the three largest distribution system operators (DSOs) in the Netherlands, responsible for the construction, management, and maintenance of the gas and electricity network in the North and South East of the country. Working with Copperleaf®, Enexis has transformed their approach to portfolio planning, enabling them to make the highest value investment decisions in the face of complex challenges such as decarbonisation, rising energy costs, and digitalisation. The Copperleaf solution provides Enexis with a central system that can quickly and easily analyse and optimise investment portfolios and calculate scenarios based on developments in the energy market, changing performance requirements, and/or limitations in available resources.

Watch the webinar below to find out how Enexis:

  • Overcame legacy systems, siloed decision-making, and resource constraints to streamline their portfolio planning
  • Harnessed data to make informed investment decisions aligned with corporate policies, values, and goals
  • Increased business agility to adjust investment portfolios swiftly based on changing energy sector dynamics, performance requirements, and financial constraints
  • Integrated climate scenarios to build resilient investment strategies, ensuring the highest value plans even in uncertain futures