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Webinar: Leveraging Totex and Value in Asset Planning

Planning in the context of totex and value is a new world for most. Historically, most of us have drawn from separate buckets of capital spend (capex) and operational spend (opex), without necessarily tying these together in a whole-of-life total expenditure (totex) view. Similarly, many plans have been based on asset condition or risk, whereas our assets are primarily meant to generate value—which should be a key metric to decide when and how much to spend. Not only do these new concepts require a platform to manage, they also require a new approach to planning, including organisational alignment and behaviours.

Martin Kerr, Director at Structured Change, and Boudewijn Neijens, CMO of Copperleaf, explore these key concepts in asset planning and decision making. Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How to leverage totex to gain better whole-of-life cost insights
  • How to determine the overall value derived from assets and projects
  • How combining totex and value can help your organisation reach optimal decisions

Webinar Speakers: