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Webinar – Case Study: How National Grid Transformed Capital Work Planning

Should an organization invest its time, money, and resources in a $100 million, multi-year program to build a new substation? Or spread that investment across a number of smaller projects delivering different benefits? And what is the optimal time to execute these projects with a finite supply of resources? These are the kinds of questions National Grid’s New England and New York Electric Planning and Asset Management teams tackle on a regular basis.

With thousands of projects ongoing across National Grid’s US electric businesses, they need to be able to make informed investment decisions to determine which projects to start—and when—to drive the most value for customers and the business. National Grid worked with Copperleaf and Boston Consulting Group (BCG) to transform its capital work planning process and create a framework to evaluate all projects on a common scale—saving time, improving decision making, and enabling the team to create plans that deliver the highest value.

David Smith, Vice President at National Grid US, Matthew Sundberg, Managing Director and Partner at BCG, and Philippe Jetté, Outbound Product Manager at Copperleaf, discuss National Grid’s journey to transform its planning process, including how the organization:

  • Developed an innovative business case for integrated T&D planning
  • Improved its highly manual and siloed capital work planning into an end-to-end process with improved data to drive business outcomes
  • Trained and supported over 300 employees who manage project information in one system