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Turning Pledges into Performance in the Chemicals Sector

Chemical companies across the globe are committing to ambitious climate goals in equally ambitious timeframes.

Despite rapid inflation, supply chain disruptions and political upheaval, organisations must find a way to successfully accelerate and navigate the chemicals industry’s biggest transformation in its history.

The Copperleaf® Decision Analytics Solution allows organisations to model their portfolios and adopt a value-based decision-making approach that maximises the value of every investment and aligns decisions with strategic goals. Planners can fully assess the benefits of any project or investment based on economics, risk, and corporate objectives and identify the optimal plan within the applicable constraints and targets. With Copperleaf’s powerful multi-scenario analysis capabilities, users can quickly and easily adapt plans as timing , resources, and priorities change, giving companies the agility to react to questions and changes with confidence.

Download this white paper to find out how companies can use value-based decision-making to address the concerns facing the chemicals industry and optimise capital planning, maximise investment value, and achieve strategic goals.