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Presentation: Developing a Value Framework—by Stefan Sadnicki

CIRED 2017 Roundtable: Establishing a decision making framework

Realising value from company assets is fundamental. Most companies have some form of decision-making framework influenced by extensive experience operating the business. However, not all of them ensure alignment through all company processes to maintain a stable and predictable outcome. Standards like PAS55 and ISO 55000 support and ensure a consistent framework without the need to reinvent the wheel or create business specific solutions, yet establishing an open standard framework remains a challenge for many organisations.

Stefan Sadnicki, Managing Director for Copperleaf in Europe, participated in a roundtable on this topic in June at CIRED 2017, host of the 24th International Conference & Exhibition on Electricity Distribution in Glasgow, Scotland. In his presentation, Stefan discusses how decision-making frameworks, and specifically a Copperleaf Value Framework, can align investment decisions with strategic objectives and deliver significant benefits for distribution network operators.