Hydro One Case Study: Creating Investment Plans that Build Stakeholder Trust

As the largest electricity transmission and distribution service provider in Ontario, Canada, Hydro One distributes electricity to almost 1.5 million residential and business customers, covering approximately 75% of the province’s geographic area.

In 2012, Hydro One partnered with Copperleaf® to transform its Asset Investment Planning (AIP) and optimization processes in response to requirements from the provincial regulator, the Ontario Energy Board (OEB). The Copperleaf solution was implemented to establish a more rigorous and consistent approach to investment planning, decision-making, and risk management across Hydro One’s capital and operational expenditures.

In this video, Sara Aslanbeigi, Senior Manager, Investment Management at Hydro One, describes the benefits of having a single enterprise-wide system to capture and assess all proposed business cases and develop what-if scenarios to explore multiple investment strategies. These capabilities have enabled Hydro One to create more robust, defensible long-term plans and make data-driven investment decisions that are prudent for customers.

I think transparency goes a long way into ensuring that we’re doing the right job of being equitable across the organization and we’re helping everyone put the plan together in a way that they support as well— which gives confidence and transparency to the organization and from our perspective, to our regulator.

Sara Aslanbeigi
Senior Manager, Investment Management
Hydro One

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