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Playbook: Enterprise Portfolio Management for Utilities

For asset-intensive organizations, the ability to manage portfolios of investments and make cross-enterprise decisions is critical. When faced with a multitude of projects across the energy value chain, utilities still often make investment decisions within their departmental silos, and with limited information. How can utilities leverage enterprise project portfolio management (PPM) tools to support enterprise-wide decisions and drive strategic goals?

Leading research company, Zpryme, surveyed more than 160 utilities to understand:

  • Attitudes toward cross-enterprise investment decision making
  • The benefits and challenges of taking an enterprise view of investments
  • The current and future state of Project Portfolio Management (PPM) tools for utilities

This eBook deep dives into the survey results and explores:

  • The newest research on the state of investment decision making in utilities: key benefits and challenges
  • The evolution of PPM solutions to optimize cross-enterprise decisions
  • Making the transition to enterprise-wide accountability

Please download this eBook to learn how your organization can benefit from Enterprise Portfolio Management.