Downstream Oil & Gas

Optimizing Capital Allocation and Risk Management: A Strategic Approach for Downstream Oil and Gas Organizations

Effective capital allocation and risk management are at the heart strategic decision making. For downstream organizations striving to thrive amidst market volatility and sustainability concerns, making the right investment decisions at the right time is becoming even more vital.

This report from industry experts Ron Armstrong, President, RWJ Advisors, and Cicely Striolo, Copperleaf’s Global Manager, Oil & Gas and Chemicals, features insights into how value-based decision making can help downstream companies:

  • Balance capital reinvestment and risk management for business growth
  • Create investment portfolios that maximize capital efficiency, mitigate risk, and drive corporate strategy

Moving beyond spreadsheets to a continuously refreshed view of project expenditures, status, and well-defined alternatives can lead to better optimization of sustaining capital spend in real-time.

Ron Armstrong
RWJ Advisors