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Manitoba Hydro Innovation Project: Predictive Analytics for Fleet and Facilities

In 2018, the Manitoba Hydro Fleet Services team faced a key challenge. The annual capital expenditure required to keep its fleet in good condition was estimated at more than double the budget. While the company’s existing Fleet Asset Management System contained a listing of the vehicles and their attributes, it was difficult to use this information to make decisions on how best to allocate the spending for maximum value. The Fleet Services team needed a consistent and objective way to determine which fleet vehicles should be replaced with the limited funding.

Copperleaf™, through consultation with Manitoba Hydro, developed an innovative fleet analytics model to estimate the intrinsic value of each vehicle type, based on the economic impact of power interruptions on the customer.

Learn more about the following topics:

  • Which factors were used as inputs to the fleet analytics model
  • How this project incorporated a value framework to ensure that all investment decisions were aligned to strategy
  • What benefits Manitoba Hydro has realized through this new decision-making platform