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Written by: Fin Jennrich

Localising the British CNAIM Standard for Risk Modelling and Risk-based Decision Making

The Common Network Asset Indices Methodology (CNAIM) is a framework developed by the Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) in Great Britain and has been mandated for use by the regulator Ofgem. Not only does CNAIM provide a common framework for asset risk modelling and risk-based decision making, but it also facilitates better communication between operators, supports justification of complex asset investments, allows cross-asset class trade-offs, and can be used as part of a broader investment planning process.

While utilities across the globe are interested in improving their decision-making, most countries don’t have local models comparable to CNAIM. Therefore, utilities in countries outside of Great Britain are interested in applying CNAIM, but need to adapt the framework to support their specific network configurations (e.g. different voltages) and local conditions that are embedded in CNAIM in the form of various model parameters (e.g. failure rates, reference costs, etc.). The existing CNAIM reference values were defined for Great Britain networks and are not universally applicable to all utilities.

This paper outlines a five step approach to localise CNAIM that was successfully applied in Denmark, as well as the learnings from this approach that can help other DSOs in their localisation efforts. This was initially presented as a poster session by Fin Jennrich, Regional Director, Central Europe, Copperleaf and Claus Lund, CEO, Visue, at the CIRED 2021 Conference.