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How APM Solutions Complement Asset Investment Planning

Organizations invest billions of dollars every year into the maintenance and expansion of infrastructure critical to our society. There are several solutions available to help organizations make the most optimal asset management decisions, two of the most prominent of which are Asset Investment Planning (AIP) and Asset Performance Management (APM) software. But what is the difference between these two seemingly similar solutions, and which is best for your organization’s unique asset management needs?

These two solutions have many complimentary capabilities, and understanding their different uses and strengths can help support the development of a comprehensive asset management strategy. This white paper aims to clarify the following:

  • Which capabilities lie with AIP and which with APM?
  • Which asset management decisions are best informed by each solution?
  • How can the unique strengths of each system be used together in a comprehensive approach?

Learn how to best utilize the unique strengths of AIP and APM and how an integrated approach can deliver superior asset management results by downloading the free white paper below.