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Written by: Copperleaf

Decision Making for Wildfire Risk Reduction

Climate change has elevated wildfire risk from a managed threat to one that is widespread and escalating. Around the globe, the risk of wildfires has grown from a seasonal risk to a perpetual one. Wildfire events will continue to have a massive impact—risking lives, upending communities, and causing billions in damage, response, and ongoing recovery efforts.

Responding to this increased threat requires both near- and long-term mitigation measures and enterprise-wide strategy development. Utilities must invest in hardening of power lines, increased vegetation management, additional grid automation and remote sensing, early replacement of aging and vulnerable assets, and more to reduce climate-related risks—all while continuing to invest in traditional asset sustainment activities. To balance all of these demands, senior leaders and tactical teams require a solution to ensure they avoid exposing their organizations to unacceptable risks.

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