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Decision Analytics for Water Utilities

Driving Innovation for Future Generations

Water utilities today are facing unprecedented challenges related to the stewardship of their robust yet aging infrastructure. Renewal and replacement of water and wastewater assets are key concerns, however budgetary constraints and limited public support for rate increases are making it increasingly challenging for utilities to meet service level targets and minimize disruptions.

Copperleaf has significant expertise helping water utilities successfully navigate these challenges. We can help your organization implement a more effective planning process to:

  • Replace/renew aging infrastructure while considering asset risk and service performance/delivery
  • Align investment decisions with your evolving strategic objectives
  • Understand how different investment strategies will impact risks, costs, and customer outcomes
  • Address environmental concerns and meet targets related to net zero, ESG, and the six capitals
  • Optimize investment portfolios to meet performance commitments and maximize regulatory incentives
  • Adapt plans to rapidly respond to changes as they occur (e.g. emergent work, workforce availability, regulatory requirements, etc.)
  • Track performance against targets and build a culture of continuous planning and improvement