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Chasing the Holy Grail: Improve Cost, Reliability & Safety at the Same Time

Power distribution companies are under increasing cost pressure, yet at the same time need to continue delivering power reliably and safely to their customers. Improved processes and new techniques can help utilities solve this challenge – by leveraging IoT data from their assets, refining their network modelling capabilities and improving their work planning systems.

In this webinar, hosted by CEATI International, Copperleaf CMO Boudewijn Neijens explores how recent refinements in asset analytics, automated cost estimation, work bundling and portfolio optimization can deliver significant efficiency gains.

A growing number of companies are turning to Copperleaf’s decision analytics software to help them decide where and when to invest in their businesses to improve capital efficiency, manage risk, and improve shareholder value. Learn more about how Copperleaf’s solutions can help your company today.