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Case Study: Multi-sector Asset Investment Planning and Management at Rheinische NETZGesellschaft

Rheinische NETZGesellschaft mbH (RNG) manages and operates over 30,000 km of distribution networks for electricity, gas, water, and district heating, supplying approximately 2 million customers in and around Cologne, Germany. RNG manages 25 networks with interfaces to different asset owners and asset service providers through centralized asset management. The complexity of RNG’s operating environment drove the need for a decision analytics software solution to help the company establish a value- and risk-oriented asset management approach and enhance its Asset Investment Planning and Management (AIPM) processes.

The implementation of the Copperleaf® Decision Analytics Solution, including Copperleaf Portfolio™ with the Asset Aware Investments option, is helping RNG align its AIPM processes with the ISO 55000 asset management standard and achieve the following results.

  • One consistent investment portfolio available in a centralized, enterprise-wide platform
  • Consistent execution of processes
  • Greater transparency and a clear line of sight
  • Enhanced decision making with full traceability and comparability