Delivering the highest value from—and governance over—digital governmental infrastructure.

Copperleaf is meeting the investment decision challenges of digital infrastructure head-on.

Heritage digital infrastructure, public service requirements, political realities, and ever-increasing demands in an era of scare resources are forcing governments to rethink their approach to investment planning and management. Value-based decision making in a transparent, data-driven environment is the formula for success.

We have a very complex value framework, so being able to compare social values to financial values and demonstrate how all those pieces are tied together along with how the math behind it works, will really help us build confidence at the executive table. Being able to quantify the diverse values with some background and consideration of risk, gives us the ability to communicate our evidence-based decisions.”

Jillian Carruthers, MBA, PMP Director, IM/IT Capital Investment, B.C. Government

Our mandate is to ensure the investments the government is making in IT will allow us to deliver cost-effective and high quality services to the citizens of British Columbia, today and in the future. One of the key commitments of the #BCTECH Strategy is to make it easier to do business with government and we are thrilled to be partnering with Copperleaf, a made-in-B.C. tech company whose unique approach is helping us discover some very meaningful ways to measure how IT investments bring value to British Columbians.”

Amrik Virk Minister of Technology, Innovation and Citizens’ Services, B.C. Government

The world is changing rapidly and governments must adapt to be able to deliver the maximum value from their digital applications and infrastructure. To create, defend and manage investment needs now and into the future, governments need to utilize decision analytics solutions. Creating robust, repeatable, transparent and data-driven decisions for all investment needs is critical to meeting table stakes for today’s stake-holders! It’s all about pacing the sustainment needs from your heritage digital assets, meeting the growth opportunities as they arise and dealing effectively with the emergent work that throws the proverbial “wrench into the works” just as you start to deliver. It’s a big job that takes an enterprise solution to deliver a single source of the truth for organizations to effectively manage their data, their risk, and collaborate to discover the optimal investment approaches.

Decision analytics solutions can help efficiently determine when and how much to invest to optimize value in the face of cost pressures, service level requirements, resource constraints and changing demand. Risks associated with health and safety needs, environmental impacts, social mandates, and governmental pressures must be addressed. The Copperleaf® Product Suite is designed to integrate into an organization and provide analytic and decision support to optimize complex investment decisions across the entire organization and over all governmental portfolios. With Copperleaf Suite, maximizing the value from your digital and application infrastructure, and meeting the constraints of your political process has never been easier or delivered so much to an organization’s ability to perform.

Adaptable Enterprise Solution

Copperleaf provides a highly configurable software solution that can grow with you as your business needs evolve. It integrates seamlessly with existing EAM, APM, ERP, GIS, and other systems for more efficient, data-driven decision making.

Tangible, Measurable Results

Every Copperleaf client has recovered their investment within their first planning cycle—and every organization that has implemented our solution continues to use it successfully today. They report:

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