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Webinar: Climate Models in Action | Anglian Water’s Forward-Looking Approach


March 20, 2024 - March 20, 2024


Online Event

As extreme weather conditions become more common and water main failures more frequent, Anglian Water faces an urgent question – how will climate change impact their supply infrastructure? More importantly, how can the company adapt to this uncertainty and ensure they are making the highest value investment decisions for their 7 million customers? This webinar will explore how Anglian Water and Maplesky have used weather data to create forward-looking climate models, and how these models have been embedded in the Copperleaf solution to identify the areas where the water company must intervene now – within business constraints like funding and resource availability – to secure long term resilience of the water network.


  • Liz Cornelius,  Anglian Water
  • Dr. Tim Farewell, Maplesky
  • John Harvey, Copperleaf

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