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Written by: Nica Lourens

Networking, Sharing and Learning at the 2021 Copperleaf UK Forum

On March 25th, Copperleaf® hosted its 5th annual UK Forum; an event connecting thought leaders from the energy, water, gas, and transportation industries across the United Kingdom and Ireland. Our clients, and several other organisations who are keen to connect with the Copperleaf Community, had the opportunity to network, share their knowledge, and learn from each other’s experiences.

Celebrating the Growing Community

Stefan Sadnicki, Managing Director for Copperleaf in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), kicked things off with a brief update on Team EMEA. Since last year’s Forum, Copperleaf has welcomed six new clients—Affinity Water, Network Rail, Elia, AES, Viesgo, and Enexis Groep. We have also expanded our expertise in the rail and water sectors with the addition of several new team members.

Leaders from Affinity Water and Network Rail provided attendees with an overview of their Asset Investment Planning and Management (AIPM) journey, explaining why they selected the Copperleaf Decision Analytics Solution, and what they aim to achieve with our solution.

As one of Copperleaf’s newest clients, we enjoyed sharing highlights of our Copperleaf Portfolio™ implementation journey so far, and hearing from other users, as well as learning about future product developments. We’re looking forward to becoming full-fledged members of the Copperleaf family.

Sarah Sayer
Investment Planning Manager
Affinity Water

Managing Risk in an Uncertain Future

The theme for this year’s Forum was ‘managing risk’ and centered around the challenges asset-intensive organisations have faced in responding to the challenges of COVID-19. Wayne Collins, VP of Sales for Copperleaf in EMEA, asked attendees how their investment plans needed to change to account for a spectrum of possible new scenarios in 2021 and beyond.

Wayne said organisations can navigate their way through uncertainty and take advantage of emerging opportunities by becoming agile decision makers. He explained how innovative new capabilities within the Copperleaf Suite, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, can help organisations predict the performance of their investment portfolios and assess the accuracy of their plans.

The Copperleaf UK Forum provided a great opportunity to hear about the latest system developments whilst learning about the innovative ways other clients are applying them to manage their assets.

Energy Transition Roundtable Discussion

John Harvey, Senior Consultant at Copperleaf EMEA, has 10 years’ consulting experience helping governments and organisations better understand how to navigate net zero. He and Stefan hosted a roundtable discussion on climate change and the energy transition. The discussion focused on how the following four best practices can help plan the energy transition:

  1. Develop a Value Framework fit for the energy transition
  2. Improve governance of project portfolios
  3. Adapt asset strategies to new technologies
  4. Develop a robust plan for future scenarios


The Copperleaf team is passionate about supporting organisations’ efforts to incorporate climate change mitigation and adaptation into their AIPM strategies. Download this white paper to learn more about best practices to help plan the energy transition.

If you missed the event and would like to speak to one of our product experts, please reach out to us.